Tips for Finding Affordable Health Insurance Plans for Low Income families

There is a common misconception about people in the United States of America (USA). Around 46 million people in the country do not have any insurance and it is thought that their health care costs are taken care of by the federal government. This is an absolutely wrong idea to have. In 2007 it was estimated that uninsured Americans incurred aggregate healthcare costs of around 125 billion dollars. In fact, ever since 2007 this figure has only increased by leaps and bounds. This is one major reason why so many people across the USA still look for low income family health insurance. 

low income family health insurance

Families USA, a non-profit consumer health-care advocacy organization, says that the uninsured are always spending much more than the insured for their health care because of the simple reason that utilization review is not being undertaken by anyone. The function of utilization review is normally performed by insurers at the time they are reviewing bills before they reimburse them. It is true that the government is paying for most of the expenses in cases where health care costs are not compensated for. This is the reason why low income health insurance has become so popular in the first place. 

However, in spite of this the uninsured do pay around 25 per cent to 33 per cent of their own health care expenses. This is a lot more than what they would have to pay for buying health insurance for themselves. There are several benefits of health insurance – first of all it gives you immense peace of mind and at the same time it is good on your pocket as well. These days it has become a lot easier to avail health insurance for low income. Nowadays you have a lot more options than preferred provider organizations (PPOs) and health maintenance organizations (HMOs). 

There are new options such as health savings accounts as well as mini medical insurance plans, which cost you a lot less. They are becoming rather popular as well. You can get free quotes for the same by entering your zip code over here. For more information on medical insurance for low income families please visit